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we had been attempting to think a name up which was a synthesis of geekiness and love and love.

we had been attempting to think a name up which was a synthesis of geekiness and love and love.

GS: exactly How do you show up utilizing the title, DragonFruit?

OE: we had been wanting to think a name up that was a synthesis of geekiness and love and relationship. Dragons certainly are a classic dream trope and are additionally awesome. It really is concept of energy and fire along with relationship, you understand, heroes and maidens and whatever setup you be sure to. As a whole, it really is a geeky thing. On the other hand, its a good fresh fresh fruit that is reminiscent of a sensory idea; the implication of sin with love, sex and all sorts of these traditional cultural things. In addition, clearly, we had been shopping for something which ended up being very easy to remember and spell. Place those a few things together and also you’ve got a plain thing that truly exists and works!

GS: What sparked your desire for dating apps?

OE: Mostly buddies that have been complaining a great deal regarding how it had been hard for them. Dating is a certain area for which geeks are left out. We created the online yet for whatever reason until we created DragonFuit there isn’t a platform that is good geeks to be involved in that sphere. In my situation, it had been going to your U.S. we thought I happened to be uncommon to be a geek and had been looked at as weird and therefore i really couldn’t share my passions with individuals. We began planning to conventions and came across a lot of great those who were residing a label and stigma which was entirely false. The notion of a geeky network that is social people could show on their own down at their geeky most useful and enjoy not merely their very own interests but share it along with other individuals actually appealed in my experience.