The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory

Season 1-5 8.1/10 These season were all really funny and enjoyable and almost all the episodes were really good and I really enjoyed all the characters, except for Amy, i think her characters pretty boring

Season 6-7 6.8/10 Went a little down hill and I think it was just less funny and they tried to where to watch The Big Bang Theory cover it up with laugh tracks every 5 seconds.

Season 8-11 5.4/10 Again they just put the laugh track in and thinks that will make it funny, if you search up on YouTube. Big Bang without the laugh track, you’ll best The Big Bang Theory episodes see what I mean. There were a lot of funny moments and good episodes, but ultimately it’s just not as good as it was and a little boring.

Season 12 7.4/10 A step up from the last 3 seasons and has a really satisfying ending. Whenever I’m re-watching this show I’ll skip from season 7 to season 12. I really liked that the characters were all happy at the end and I was really sad that it was ending.

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